Monday, November 30, 2009

Blue Monday

Well all I can say is it will be hard to have a blue Monday after an amazing day yesterday: with over 3,000 hits, that Super Sunday not only broke the previous record for daily hits, it smashed it by well over one thousand! Thanks to everyone who came by; I hope you get as much enjoyment from this and the other three Adonis Complex blogs as I have had so far putting them together!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Few Last Words for Sunday

More Favorites for a Super Sunday

Yes, I edited out the girl's face - but I did so a long time ago, long before I ever imagined sharing my collection of hot man webfind photos in blog form (indeed, long before amassing a collection of a size to make such a thing feasible. Okay, that's a lie). No, I have nothing against women; I was just - let's say I was modifying the image to better suit what I enjoyed imagining when gazing upon it. So sue me. I almost didn't put the picture up, but decided more people would benefit from this guy than would take issue about his box-headed passenger.

More Super Sunday Studs

A few more favorites for lunch.

Super Sunday Spectacular! A Special Holiday Kickoff

Hey all! Hope everyone (Stateside, that is) has been having a nice holiday weekend. As you may have noticed (I like to think someone might have), I took a few days off for the holiday. I know. I'm sorry. I feel terribly knowing I might have allowed someone to go nearly a week devoid of new sugar for the eyes...especially considering how gluttonous by nature this holiday is supposed to be!

But hey, now that it's after Thanksgiving, it is officially permissible to begin observing an even better holiday season...and this one lasts an entire month! So in the spirit of the season of giving, I'll make my vacation absence up to you - and then some - with a Super Sunday Spectacular: supersized posts of pictures from my personal favorites...and lots of 'em!

And I don't mean just here...that goes for all four of the Adonis Complex blogs!

Fan of my sports-themed photoblog Athletic Supporter? Then jog over there for a visit (or better yet, sprint!) because the holiday season is kicking off there as well!

Or perhaps you're particularly fond of Uniform Follows Function, whether because you enjoy seeing hot guys playing dress-up or you're one of the few art history nerds who gets a chuckle out of the far too erudite pun in the blog title? March on over!

Or maybe you've been enjoying the classic beauty at the newest all black-and-white Adonis Complex photoblog, MANochrome (quickly becoming a personal favorite of mine, as well)? Or perhaps you haven't yet had a chance to stop by and check it out (if not, you should! I'm confident you will enjoy it, whatever your particular taste may be.)? Sure enough, there's a holiday special there as well!

So enjoy this Super Holiday Sunday, and stop back throughout the day...this special is so big it's going to be rolled out in segments! Enjoy, bookmark, tell your friends, become a Facebook fan, follow Adonis Complex on Twitter, and stop by again! And again!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monochrome Monday

Like these? Want more? Everyone stop by and visit the newest Adonis Complex blog, MANochrome! All black and white shots like these, all the time: one on Mondays, two on Tuesdays, three on Thursdays, and no fewer than four on TGIFridays!

Stop by and say hello to me at MANochrome! Happy Monday, everyone!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"That's...Interesting" Thursdays

Every once in a while I come across a picture that, while appealing, has, shall we say, an aesthetic sensitivity to it that is out of the ordinary, and sometimes not immediately clear. I tend to find (at least given my personal taste) that visual sensuality and visual humor rarely coincide within one image when it comes to exhibitions of the male form, but every so often I find exceptions. Today I've posted a small collection of such oddities for your...enjoyment: hot, but likely to make one say...


You know, I just know some orphanage burned down while this hunky firefighter was trying to get Pussy here down from this tree because she didn't want to ruin her manicure or something.

Cats are stupid.

Now THERE'S an intriguing twist on the ice-chute vodka shots we used to feature at my fraternity's big parties.

And, last but not least, our winner:

Holy out-of-context placement, Batman!
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