Friday, October 30, 2009

3-fer Friday BONUS!

All right folks, yesterday I mentioned my excitement about the impending release of Britney's new video for her latest #1 hit, "3," accompanied by a set of rather thematically relevant shots of hot male trios.

Well guess what... the video is AWESOME. I could devote an entire entry just to its awesomeness (but I won't...that's what my huge upcoming blog project is for...more details on that to come if anyone cares).

And just to show how flipping fantastic I think it really is, I hereby declare today to be another day of "3;" and not just on Adonis Complex, but also on the two AC spinoff photoblogs, Athletic Supporter and Uniform Follows Function. Enjoy the sheer inundation of pecs, biceps, abs, and Britney freakin' Spears hitting us, baby, ONE MORE TIME! (See the video here.)

Famous Friday

Now that Athletic Supporter has made Football Fridays redundant, I thought I'd try something new this week (because, as Lady Gaga said, we live for the fame). So above is a pic of Mr. Demi Moore that actually made ME gasp when I turned the page of Entertainment Weekly a few weeks ago (you know, the mag that brought you shirtless Ryan Reynolds and water pistols over the summer?). It's for some movie with Katherine Heigl (joy), but who cares? For a minute, Kutcher is OK by me.

You might be aware that this kid has a little movie coming out soon. You might also be aware that Taylor Lautner is somehow still technically jailbait in this country. One more reason to move to Europe.

My favorite pot-smoking, hooker-humping uber-gold-medalist still looks good. And he always will (back off, he's mine).

This guy, Sean Faris, was in one of those fighting movies that usually star people like Channing Tatum (who I only left out today because he headlined my last celeb outing...yum). It was called...oh, who cares, look at that gorgeous piece of...

And finally, since I gave Britney the big push yesterday, I thought it only fair to toss a little something the way of her sadder-but-wiser ex-teenybopper Prince Charming, Justin Timberlake (before he was, well, Justin Timberlake). Back before Reynolds' six-pack was emblazoned across the summer mags, who could forget this little number on the cover of Rolling Stone?

Now THIS is what I call bringing SexyBack.

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down Celebrity (and memory) Lane. Here's one more classic, just for good measure, to kick off the weekend.

Beat the Ducks!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

1, 2, 3 Thursday

Oh, Britney. She just keeps getting better. And how poetic is it that her (long overdue!) third song to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart was the whimsical, sexy/slutty, relentlessly exhilarating throwaway single released to promote her second hits collection (appropriately entitled "The Singles Collection," which you can purchase for a paltry $11.99 on Amazon!), the Max Martin-produced "3?" (An mp3 of the hot single is available for $1.29 on Amazon as well...I swear I don't work for them or even get anything from hocking the Spears, I just love her so.)

I can't wait to see the video (which apparently features the Princess of Pop performing new - and legit - choreography after her abundantly sensual if mildly disappointing dance-free video for "Radar").

To tide us all over, I dedicate this post to the Ringmaster herself and her third #1; may there be many, many more to come.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Material Monday

Many many years ago, my dad imparted upon me a bit of wisdom I still hold true to this day. I won't get into the awkward backstory of how this conversation came about, but the advice I received that stuck most was this: almost every time when considering depictions of the human figure, the most appealing and attractive element is something, even something tiny, left to the imagination.

In my extensive days of picture collecting, it has been an exceedingly rare occasion that I bother to save or even take much notice of those in which the men are entirely clothed (because really, I could just look out the window for that). I thought I'd share some of the extremely few exceptions.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Poll Results and Theme of the Upcoming New Genre Blog

You may have noticed the final results of last week's poll, in which I asked you to choose the theme or focus of the next "genre blog" from Adonis Complex, which would join the first such spinoff project, Athletic Supporter, which launched last month. Out of the nearly ten possible responses, I found there to be two of them that stood well in front of the pack, although until just about the final count it wasn't clear which of the two would end up coming out ahead, if one even did so.

As it turned out, though, a solid 42% said they'd most like to see the upcoming blog having as its focus the ever-subversive, Freudian, and just plain aesthetically pleasing focus of Men in Uniform.

And thus it shall be! Be sure to watch this page (as well as Athletic Supporter) for news on the imminent launch of the newest Adonis Complex blog to better fulfill your eye candy needs in these uncertain times. And just in time for Halloween, too; what better time to begin to enjoy the hunks who play dress-up?

A little taste of things to come...

Poll Results

men in uniform
younger guys (e.g. college-age)
men outdoors
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