Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Favorites for a Super Sunday

Yes, I edited out the girl's face - but I did so a long time ago, long before I ever imagined sharing my collection of hot man webfind photos in blog form (indeed, long before amassing a collection of a size to make such a thing feasible. Okay, that's a lie). No, I have nothing against women; I was just - let's say I was modifying the image to better suit what I enjoyed imagining when gazing upon it. So sue me. I almost didn't put the picture up, but decided more people would benefit from this guy than would take issue about his box-headed passenger.


  1. No "Save As"? LOL

    You are right though, I appreciate black box or not

  2. You should absolutely be able to save all of the pictures I post on all my blogs...that's how I got most of them in the first place! If clicking the image doesn't open a new tab/window with the full sized image, try refreshing your browser. I'm certain it works!


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