Monday, March 1, 2010

Killing Me Softly With His Song

This past weekend was an exciting one for me blogwise, as my new pop music blog Vertigo Shtick (which unlike the enjoyable if non-original collections on the Adonis Blogs consists mainly of my own original content) moved from its startup Blogspot address to its very own domain, on Sunday, the same day the blog's Fan Page debuted on Facebook. This coming Sunday I will be a panel member for the yearly Oscar simulcast panel show by BBC Radio 5 Live programme "Up All Night," on which I will be introduced as a pop culture/entertainment blogger. As it is the most listened-to "Up All Night" broadcast of the entire year, that means that a healthy number of insomniac Brits and particularly anglophilic Americans will be told about the blog and encouraged to pay it a visit. Well, I couldn't get over how unprofessional it would sound to list my blog at anything other than its own domain, so I took the plunge, and am looking forward to learning if it pays off any dividends in traffic, even minor ones.

Since it feels like a good time to step up promotion of the blog (which will adopt a more aesthetically and organizationally pleasing website form in May of this year), I thought it might be wise to introduce the several thousand daily visitors to the Adonis Complex blogs to Vertigo Shtick in hopes that some might take a peek and like what you see there as well! But since I would never eschew the topic of this blog for the sake of my other, I felt it appropriate to promote the pop music blog within a post of some of the hunkiest pop stars of yesterday and today - sadly, there are not nearly as many as one might think, but we'll make do! After all, who cares if 98 Degrees is no longer together when we can still reminisce about their hot shirtless album photo (below) or just the overall hotness of singer Nick Lachey (above), who famously went on to become the ex- Mr. Jessica Simpson?

Of course, there's my favorite boy-bander photo of all time, from Justin Timberlake's Rolling Stone cover shoot of the early 2000s.

And gay or straight, the one thing not ambiguous about Latin sensation Ricky Martin was always his painfully good looks...

Speaking of Latin lovers, how about Enrique Iglesias, in my opinion one of the hottest male pop singers in history?

And finally, it's sometimes easy to forget that before Mark Wahlberg was an Oscar-nominated actor and father, he was the pants-dropping little brother of a New Kid on the Block by the name of Marky Mark. The beautiful-bodied stud who dedicated his 1992 book Marky Mark to "my cock" also became further known from his 1992 Calvin Klein underwear campaign.

So if that all isn't enough to earn a visit from you to, I feel sorry for your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend, because you are impossible to win over!

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