Monday, September 5, 2011

You Can Take a Seat


  1. Hello dear friend, we are "Esteban Bellota and Toni Valiente," I write to inform you that our blog has been canceled RETROARTSEX REMIXED by blogger has nothing to do with us, because that name is now used by another platform, or persons .
    This fact makes us to open another blog, with the same content as above, but changing the name, now use BELLOTA VALIENTE is artistic and commercial brand, and the firm with which we seal all our work.
    We are slowly moving forward and bringing to an ever more, and our designs and creations are giving us great satisfaction, that as you can see on the blog, we informed each time we published an illustration.
    We at the new blog, BELLOTA VALIENTE , we keep the link of your blog, and we keep on our list of favorite blogs, we would like you included the new blog and especially the old REMIXED RETROARTSEX void, no longer run us. We would appreciate this gesture and we lost all the supporters and fans, if we you please change it will have the opportunity to regain all those people who stayed through the link in your blog, we visited and admired our work.
    Greetings from Esteban and Toni, and many thanks

  2. androgyne Adonis...


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