Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Switcheroos

Hey there, loyal visitors and first-time guests! On this lovely Sunday, I thought I'd do a little cross-promotion for the various blog wonders offered as the Adonis Complex blogs, in hopes that some of you who might not know of some of them will be thereby edified.

On Adonis Complex I routinely feature five (or so) gorgeous guys, usually wearing less clothing than you might see at, say, church, or a croquet game. In that vein, I will highlight the five Adonis Complex genre blogs with a typical sample of each type and a bit of a blurb on what to expect. Links to these blogs abound in this lovely post, so go nuts!

First up we have the eldest of the five genre blogs, the cunningly named Athletic Supporter (and look, the Adonis Complex favorite Michael Radon!) is where the sports - or sportsman - lover can get his or her fill of jocks of all types, from basketball and baseball to bobsleds and billiards! There's never a dull moment and everyone is eligible to play in this game!

At Uniform Follows Function, everything is as proper and high-class as the high-cult title (if you don't get it, look up Louis Sullivan or any book on Modernist architecture). But don't get the wrong idea; just because these guys aren't dressed to the nines doesn't mean they don't show as much of the good stuff as the men of Adonis Complex! So whether your taste is for firemen or farmers, cops or cowboys, you'll find a new man in uniform just about every day at Uniform Follows Function.


You know, there are a lot of series in which I find the third installment to be particularly pleasing to me (the Harry Potter books and films, Will & Grace, acts of Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?), and although I love all my blogs as equally as Kate Gosselin loves her eight bazillion kids, ever since its inception MANochrome has held a special place in my heart of hearts. It must be something special for Adonis Complex readers too, because the theme won out in a visitor poll prior to the third genre blog's inception. Upon first visit one might wonder if his computer screen had traveled back to the 1950s, but I assure you, all the photos are supposed to be in black and white (or, more properly, grayscale). And all of the color-free shots at MANochrome are untouched by your trusty blogger: no de-coloring of favorite color shots here, so all are artistic choices made by those who produced the visual delights. At MANochrome there are even gimmicks in the posting calendar: one, two, three and four shots go up on Mono Mondays, Two's Days, Three-fer Thursdays, and Four on Fridays, respectively, although the occasional weekend special does pop up from time to time. So come on down, for after all, it doesn't matter if you're black AND white!

In coming up with the theme for the latest Adonis Complex blog I decided to indulge one of my two life-long aesthetic weaknesses (the other, if you must know, is pectoral muscle), and thus Blonde Moment came to be (and look, it's another Adonis Complex favorite, James Ellis!). While it's just beginning to get marketed to any extent, it is something of a pet project, only better because anyone can enjoy it! Although unlike at some of my other blogs you'll find no clever headlines here (posts are labeled in numerical order), I have made a concentrated attempt at more detailed tagging, something I plan on doing retroactively at Adonis Complex in the near future for those who like things a lot more particular like I do, on occasion. As for real vs. fake blondeness, frankly my dear I don't give a damn. If you don't either, stop by Blonde Moment and show the new kid on the block some love!

Okay, not all of the titular hunks at Songs and Studs are as perfectly suited as this one to the unique crossover between the Adonis Complex blogs and my other major blogging effort, the pop music blog Vertigo Shtick. At Songs and Studs, you get a healthy dose of each course of the meal, with each song post (including a song from my extensive pop music vault, also usually featured at Vertigo Shtick, as well as some history, trivia, analysis, criticism, or just gossipy stories) typically bookended by two pictures of hot Adonis Complex-style studs from my extensive hot pictures vault. It's a great stop for music lovers who also like a bit of man candy on the side, or man candy lovers who feel like browsing a bit of music or reading some text along with their hunky entree, or just from anyone who appreciates the occasional something different in the world of man-candy blogs.

And though it's not quite as full of abs and pecs and other such visual delights, if you'll indulge me to promote the aforementioned pop music blog, I promise I'll make it fit this post to the letter. You will? Excellent; here you go.

I know, I know, that Rolling Stone photo from ancient times has been used through, but day-um...if only he'd brought THAT back! Anyway, Vertigo Shtick, as I mentioned, is a pop music blog I launched in December. It operates on a philosophy that while most music journalism and criticism considers mainstream pop music to be low-cult, or at least unworthy of any kind of serious or analytical consideration, I disagree: at Vertigo Shtick, pop music gets the full critical treatment, because within the genre of pop music I believe there are A-students, average joes, and those who simply flunk out - just as in all music, or any art form for that matter. Call it, if you will, a sort of upstart version of Pitchfork, applying the admirable critical ear and writing style of the brilliant indie music hub to a kind of music the site generally ignores. At Vertigo Shtick you'll find track reviews and commentary on songs of today, yesterday and last week; (usually) weekly playlists with fun themes like songs with proper names in the title, or songs from 1999 (this week, we try to count to twelve with song titles, and almost get there too!); track, video, album and artist reviews; new videos or songs posted for free viewing and/or listening; and other various samplings of thoughts on the pop music scene, all with my special mix of wit and wisdom. Come by and check it out, and tell your friends, because without six-packs and rippling biceps it's harder to launch new blogs these days!

So here's a review, with the fabulous banner ads I've created over the past year or so for these fun and fabulous blogs (for those of you with blogs, if to use these as banner links on yours I'd be more than happy to reciprocate!). Flip through them all; if you like, bookmark them and come back whenever you want! And most of all, have fun! Until next time, happy hunting!

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  1. It's generous of you to share other sites and offer your comments as to why they are special.
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