Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Atomic Number 86

You may recall a few weeks back when I gushed about just how highly I thought of blond fitness model James Ellis (at the time serving his stint as the Beverly Center's "Hunky Santa"), and you may also know or have gathered that I know of few models enough to remember their names, much less purposefully amass any sort of sizeable collection of their work with enough examples to fill a post by themselves (considering at Adonis Complex you always get four or five samples per post!). Well, this chap, Michael Radon, is another of the rare exceptions, and also one of the few non-blondes to capture my sensitivities thus (I have nothing against dark- or ginger-haired men, being one myself; blonde hair, however, has been my aesthetic Achilles heel as long as I can remember, along with pectoral muscles and eyeglasses. Yes, I'm serious). He's quite versatile, and I've only happened upon one shoot in which he was styled in a way I found less than fully appealing - and really it was just that his hair was too long and oddly spiked for my taste.

More on Michael Radon.

Twelve points to whomever gets the post title.


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