Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Britney Day!

December 2 is easily one of my favorite holidays of the year. I mean, it's easily the most important birthday to grace the month of December, right? That's right, it's Britney Day, bitch - the princess of pop today begins her 28th fabulous year, and it's a little "Crazy" to realize that it's been well over a decade since the squeaky-voiced former Mouseketeer smashed onto the scene and begged us to hit her one more time. And she's both given and taken more than her share of hits ever since; three #1 singles and several more top ten smashes, six albums, a library of erotic, exciting, bizarre and sometimes disturbing (in good and bad ways) videos, two marriages, two kids, two involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations, four and a half world tours, and billions of dollars of tabloid income later, and it appears we're still completely fascinated.

Brandon Stoughton, "Womanizer"

My love for the white trash Louisiana girl-turned-worldwide postergirl for turn-of-the-21st century pop culture is no secret...and, after all, this is a blog about hot guys, not sequin-covered blonde bombshells, so I won't spew all my considerable Britney loving here. But since it's such a special day, I still found a way to fit her into Adonis Complex without betraying the M.O. of this particular diversion. I rounded up a few of the hunks from some of Britney's music videos over her illustrious career...proving she does at times have good taste in men, if perhaps not in her matrimonial choices.

Chad Cole, "Sometimes"

Tyson Beckford, "Toxic"

And finally, it's worth noting who it was that was getting jiggy with Justin Timberlake back when he looked like this:

You go, girl. I'm a slave 4 u.

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