Thursday, December 24, 2009

(I'd Be a) Ho Ho Ho for James Ellis

When you're a gay mid-20s enthusiast of the male physique who runs a set of photoblogs on said topic and has always had a particular weakness for blondes, then James Ellis is someone with whom you're rather familiar. Seeing as blondes are a dying breed (especially in the modelling world, which currently prefers the dark, glam Mediterranean look for men), and also just how fantastic he looks regardless, I likely have collected more shots of Ellis over the years than any other single person with the possible exception of Michael Phelps, and even then it would be close.

So imagine my excitement to hear that Ellis would be taking on the position of "Hunky Santa" at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, a tradition now in its ninth year. did a nice short piece on his apparent welcoming of whomever wanted the standard photo offering involving sitting on the knee a very different kind of Santa, whether said sitter be male, female, young, old, or whatnot (he is, of course, straight) - apparently a bit of a break from the earlier years of the program, which catered mainly to women. Well, it is West Hollywood, after all, so I'd think that would be a wise attitude to take in a business such as his...but all that aside, how much did I want to go out there and get a snapshot of myself on the lap of easily one of my favorite models? Here's a hint: enough to be pretty bummed that it's Christmas Eve and I am not the owner of such a fantastic photograph. Oh well...maybe someday.

I mean, look!
He's just such a ridiculous winner in the genetic lottery to begin with, not to mention the eons beyond intense fitness regimen he follows - in essence, he's much like the best performing artists, who while they may have been blessed with exceptional natural qualities to begin with also put in as much or more work and effort in as anyone, rather than resting lazily on their inherited talents. And you'll see if you ever scan around some of the other sites like mine online, or modeling agency portfolios that Ellis is in fact one of the more active, well-known and successful fitness models in the business. And now Hunky Santa! To him I raise a glass and give a hearty "ho ho ho" of affection. To you I give the joy of a little more James Ellis gorgeousness.

I remember one site felt the need to write that Ellis is originally from the Midwest, which I felt was kind of like including an explanation of the Pope being a devout Catholic. Duh, look at him! Where else would he be from?

He even outshines Jessie Pavelka (left)!

See tons more at his Myspace page. And I hate Myspace and never link there, so that should show you how much I approve of this exceptional model.


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