Friday, January 29, 2010

Purple Reign

In the early days of theatrical performance as we know it today, namely the second half of the sixteenth century and mostly located in and around London, actors were in some ways far removed from those of today - particularly in their societal and political reputation as among the most vulgar of professions - and in other ways not so different, particularly in the sort of awed celebrity-like way thousands of people would crowd into a theatre to see several men walking around wearing clothing that would often get them thrown in prison if worn off stage. It was essentially illegal to dress above one's status, with actors performing a play (at the time a very new concept) enjoying the only begrudging loophole, which is maybe one reason so many plays of the Elizabethan/Jacobean era center around royalty. The color purple has been a symbol of royalty and/or wealth since the Roman empire, and it was all but forbidden in clothing even well into the Renaissance for the public.

In case you missed the story behind this week's World of Color theme.

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  1. wow, a completely awesome post. I love the way you selected the colors and the hot dudes...


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