Thursday, October 22, 2009

Poll Results and Theme of the Upcoming New Genre Blog

You may have noticed the final results of last week's poll, in which I asked you to choose the theme or focus of the next "genre blog" from Adonis Complex, which would join the first such spinoff project, Athletic Supporter, which launched last month. Out of the nearly ten possible responses, I found there to be two of them that stood well in front of the pack, although until just about the final count it wasn't clear which of the two would end up coming out ahead, if one even did so.

As it turned out, though, a solid 42% said they'd most like to see the upcoming blog having as its focus the ever-subversive, Freudian, and just plain aesthetically pleasing focus of Men in Uniform.

And thus it shall be! Be sure to watch this page (as well as Athletic Supporter) for news on the imminent launch of the newest Adonis Complex blog to better fulfill your eye candy needs in these uncertain times. And just in time for Halloween, too; what better time to begin to enjoy the hunks who play dress-up?

A little taste of things to come...

Poll Results

men in uniform
younger guys (e.g. college-age)
men outdoors

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  1. I have replaced my blog to


    I have replaced my blog (Blogname: 1001 Hotties Of The Day) in a new photo gallery (most of it's done - over 2000 pics)), hosted on me own webspace with their own domain name.

    All pictures from my blog ( are changed to:

    I messaged you before re linking and if you'd like to link with these new blogs let me know and I will reciprocate.

    Send me your decision!
    Don't forget to send your Blogname and Blogadress.



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