Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh Em Gee It's Like Totally a Bunch of Blondes!

Actually, though I make fun, I happen to have an intense and lifelong weakness for blondes, to the extent that all three of the men I've "dated" - quotation marks used purposefully - bleached or highlighted their hair during our brief time together (not that I ever asked them to, or would ever do so! These hair-color changes were never admittedly done for my sake, and I wouldn't have even thought about it if it hadn't happened with all three of them). It makes me sad that I had to dig a little for even these five in my rather large collection, but don't fret, ye rare admirers of the Scandinavian look; I will search far and wide if necessary to gather enough for a series.

Hey, if I could do it for firefighters, how hard could it be to find some blondes?

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