Friday, October 30, 2009

Famous Friday

Now that Athletic Supporter has made Football Fridays redundant, I thought I'd try something new this week (because, as Lady Gaga said, we live for the fame). So above is a pic of Mr. Demi Moore that actually made ME gasp when I turned the page of Entertainment Weekly a few weeks ago (you know, the mag that brought you shirtless Ryan Reynolds and water pistols over the summer?). It's for some movie with Katherine Heigl (joy), but who cares? For a minute, Kutcher is OK by me.

You might be aware that this kid has a little movie coming out soon. You might also be aware that Taylor Lautner is somehow still technically jailbait in this country. One more reason to move to Europe.

My favorite pot-smoking, hooker-humping uber-gold-medalist still looks good. And he always will (back off, he's mine).

This guy, Sean Faris, was in one of those fighting movies that usually star people like Channing Tatum (who I only left out today because he headlined my last celeb outing...yum). It was called...oh, who cares, look at that gorgeous piece of...

And finally, since I gave Britney the big push yesterday, I thought it only fair to toss a little something the way of her sadder-but-wiser ex-teenybopper Prince Charming, Justin Timberlake (before he was, well, Justin Timberlake). Back before Reynolds' six-pack was emblazoned across the summer mags, who could forget this little number on the cover of Rolling Stone?

Now THIS is what I call bringing SexyBack.

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down Celebrity (and memory) Lane. Here's one more classic, just for good measure, to kick off the weekend.

Beat the Ducks!


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