Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm Not a Cheerleader, I'm an "Athletic Supporter!"

Things are looking great for the Adonis Complex blog and I mean not just the hunks on the screen (haha, what salacious wit I have...)! Since launching for public consumption on July 26, 2009, exactly eleven weeks ago, the fledgling blog and its daily offerings from the massive reservoir of photos of hot men I've collected over the years have drawn 62,826 hits despite relatively mild advertisement during these nascent weeks. That's awesome and exceeds all my expectations!

As I've sifted these past eleven weeks through the rippling six-packs, smooth round pecs, and chiseled faces that abound on my hard drive, I've found quite a few genres or categories common enough in my collection to even merit their own smaller but more specifically themed blogs (as you can see from the Adonis Complex archive thus far, the only common theme throughout is simply very aesthetically pleasing men in various stages of undress).

So today, to commemorate the early success of the Adonis Complex blog, I'm excited to publicly launch the first spin-off or, as I decided to call it, "genre blog" from Adonis Complex, Athletic Supporter. Here you will find even more of the quality eye candy you can find on Adonis Complex, only most of the men involved on Athletic Supporter will be wearing the clothing or holding some kind of ball (again, Freud must be grave-turning) or other tool of the athletic trade. There's plenty of content to cover every sport you might imagine, and I look forward to finding more as I go along as well.

I've put up a poll on the menu to the right of the screen asking you all about what genres/categories/themes you'd like to see in further spin-offs of this type, so take a second to tell me what you'd like to see more of and I'll get to work on it. The poll ends Thursday, so get your thoughts in before then!

So check out the new blog on the block, add it to your feeds or bookmarks or whatnot, and look forward to nearly a double dose of deliciousness from now on! Here's a little peek at some of the delights awaiting you at Athletic Supporter.

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